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Jeanine Durand Arnopoulos in the office in 1984.

-In Over Your Head-

If they say a clean desk is an indication of a confused mind, and then is it safe to say that a confused desk in chaotic surroundings is an indication of a clear thinking mind...right? Jeanine Cheri Durand did not take typing in high school because the thought of working in an office created visions of ... a somewhat restrictive environment... to say the least. However for a good cause like Pastor Paul's Mission she was willing to overlook some things. Just what to do in 1984 as Administrator was another story!

Can we assume the challenges of the job were met head on for the last 34 years? Let's, and today the desk is still the desk yet, miraculously cleaner and more organized. The coffee has been exchanged for green tea and there are no love starved plants waiting for a drink of water. The mind, well let's just say it is preoccupied with the task at hand,

Web Madame has a nice ring to it.

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Carolyn Lee packaging whole chickens.

Top-Jeanine Arnopoulos is buried in paperwork in the office in 1984.

Above-Carolyn Lee is packaging fresh chickens that were donated to Pastor Paul's Mission for the Grocery Shelf Program. Grocery orders always included fresh and frozen meats.

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