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Pastor Paul S Arnopoulos at his Dad's, Steve, cafe where he worked from age 9 until he went into the Air Force.

Pastor Paul Biography

Pastor Paul with family:Dad Steve, Mom Armetta, Oldest Sister Marguerite, Younger Brother Dave.  Have Pulpit Will Travel  Pastor Paul S Arnopoulos with his Air Force buddies.  Little Brooklyn Park Church  Pastor Paul and Childhood friend  Pastor Paul Arnopoulos Have Pulpit Will Travel  Pastor Paul Arnopoulos

Top- Pastor Paul Arnopoulos- is at his Dad's Cafe in Minneapolis in 1953. Paul-waiter, Dad-cook, George fry-cook, are taking a break.

'I come from a background of hard work. I thrive on it. I tried to take a vacation and got bored after 15 minutes', Pastor Paul Arnopoulos.

Family Photo 1936- Dad, Mom, Sister Marge, Brother Dave and Pastor Paul Arnopoulos (right). Pastor Paul was born in Mitchell South Dakota November 14, 1932 to Armetta (Cole) and Steve Arnopoulos, an Irish Methodist and Greek immigrant.

Air Force Basic Training 1951- Pastor Paul (far right) is with his Air Force buddies.

School Photo 1945- Pastor Paul is at age 12. He started waiting tables at age 11 before and after school leaving no time for sports.

Sitting on a School Wall 1945- Pastor Paul (left) is with his school buddy Roger at age 10. He began working at age 9 as a dishwasher and at 11, he waited tables in his Dad's Cafe in 1943 to the sounds of the jukebox.

Pictured is Pastor Paul's First Church in Brooklyn Center- Pastor Paul's first church was located in Brooklyn Park Minnesota. The congregation moved from the suburb to North Minneapolis in 1980 after purchasing and renovating the Mikro Kodesh synagogue that was abandoned by its Jewish congregation and boarded up for ten years.

'Have Pulpit Will Travel'- Pictures of Pastor Paul ministering with his mobile pulpit in church basements and courthouses in early 1970s.

Pastor Paul is pictured at age 27 in 1959.

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