Mikro Kodesh Synagogue

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Historic Mikro Kodesh Synagogue built in 1926.

Mikro Kodesh Synagogue

Disciples Ministry Church purchased historic Mikro Kodesh Synagogue in 1980 located on the corner of Oliver and Oak Park Ave N Minneapolis.  The church garden is located on the northside of the building and in front of the community addition.

Top-Disciples Ministry's historic Mikro Kodesh synagogue- Was built in 1926 by a merged Jewish congregation. The city of Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission designated it a local historic building in 1998.

Above-Pastor Paul's Mission on Oliver and Oak Park- Oak Park & Oliver Avenues street sign describe the location of historic Disciples Ministry Church's Mikro Kodesh synagogue that houses the free food distributed to thousands of families monthly. The Church front entrance is Oak Park and Oliver Avenues.

Above-Disciples Ministry Church Garden- A beautiful enclosed church garden is a scenic benefit to those passing by and the neighborhood. Entrance to the garden is through the attached community building that was built in 1949.

Historic Pictures of Mikro Kodesh Synagogue
Online Photographer
Exotic Revival Architecture Photo Group
Jewish Historical Society 1950
Original Mikro Kodesh Synagogue 1926

Mikro Kodesh Men's Group
Mikro Kodesh Father and Son Dinner 1941
Mikro Kodesh Men's Club 1930

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