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Glass bakery display cases line the front of Pastor Paul's Mission Grocery Shelf 1986.

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1. Connect to the-Super Connector-Your Online Helpful Resources

If you have completed the Registration Form as a past Grocery Shelf recipient, the following resource links will make more sense because many are answers to the questions on the form.

We continue to use the same form for the VIP Club registration. If you need to register for the VIP Club the form pages are on the Registration Form page. As we stated over 30 years ago with the, "Why a Lengthy Form?", when we started to collect the information from Grocery Shelf recipients, our reason for collecting the information was to help assess the need for future services. This is an ongoing, always changing with the times, process. We look forward to serving you this day and at this time online!

Here are category links to information on the Super Connector page of the website. We have connected to helpful online resources for you in the following main categories.

Income and Housing Information
Employment and Volunteer Information
Voter Registration and Education Information

2. Join Pastor Paul's- VIP Club-Private Club Membership

Registered Grocery Shelf Recipients qualify for a free 1 year membership upon completion of an updated Registration Form. The value is $12 a year free for your household!

Join Pastor Paul's Mission VIP Club. Your membership entitles you to shop for these items as they become available. Register Here!

Furniture & Appliances
Household Goods & Supplies
Men's & Women's Clothing and Supplies
Children's Clothing, School Supplies, and Toys
Non-Perishable Food, Canned and Dry Goods

The Benefits of Membership is Valuable.

Why? The prices for the VIP Club Merchandise will be discounted for members always. Your membership extends to your dependent household members without limitation regarding the size of the family. They will use the same registration number when ordering. Members always have first priority with limited inventory. Purchases are limited to members as a first priority. Then after a period of time if merchandise is still available, it will be open to the public without discount prices.

3. Listen to Pastor Paul's Messages-1970's 1980's 1990's-Get Inspired

Pastor Paul's Radio and Tape Ministry
Pastor Paul ministered to a congregation on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings. He recorded his messages. He had a Radio Ministry, the 'Up-Look Broadcast', on KUXL -AM 1570- that aired his recorded messages Monday-Friday from 1:30-2:00pm in 30 minute segments. He also had a Tape Ministry providing the duplicated recorded messages to individuals, churches, African and Prison Ministries.

Here online you can listen to digitized MP3 messages. The recordings are from the following decades:

The Street Witnessing and Youth Ministry early days 1970's
The Up-Look Radio Broadcast and African Tape Ministry church congregation days 1980's
The Pastor Paul's Mission days 1990's

Listen to Pastor Paul's Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast Powered By Blogger

Started in 2007 with 53 Episodes, Tongues of Fire-Pastor Paul's Podcast is complete with scriptures and show notes. In 2014 a total of 329 Episodes were available and you listen to them today. Here you will hear music and introductions. Feel free to scroll ahead to the message. FYI we will be starting the podcast again soon in a different format-enjoy!

Faith Comes By Hearing the Word of God

Live Better-Be Your Best


Duane and Rosemary prepare to distribute Pastor Paul's Mission Grocery Shelf orders in 1986.

Top-In 1988 Pastor Paul's Grocery Shelf
Duane and Ralph work at the Grocery Shelf Counter in 1988. At that time clients waited in the dining room for lunch to be served. The Grocery Shelf had bakery goods displayed that clients could choose to get with their order.

Above-In 1988 Pastor Paul's Grocery Shelf
Rosemary and Duane packing grocery bags 1988   The Grocery Shelf has developed over the years. Pictured here it is set-up across from the dining room where people would wait to receive their grocery order. Many perishable foods were distributed such as pies, cakes, and cupcakes as shown here. Ralph, Duane and Rosemary are shown packing and distributing groceries. Pastor Paul's Mission Grocery Shelf is stocked with fresh produce bags and baked goods in 1988.

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