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The Boss in Costume on Senior's Day in 1985.


Sue Hastings enters data in the custom database developed using DOS 2.0 in 1986.

Top-Pastor Paul's Historic Senior's Day Talent Show- The Administrator is 'Disguised and Anonymous' as 'The Boss' on Senior's Day judging the participants in the Talent Show. We like to have FUN!

Above-In 1988 Pastor Paul's Grocery Shelf Custom Database- In 1988 Sue Hastings, church and staff member, is using the Compaq 286 Deskpro with AmeriData monitor a networked PC with Dos 2.0 operating system. A custom database designed by Mark Prinson, a dedicated computer science volunteer, holds thousands of records of thousands of households who are registered to receive free food at the Grocery Shelf. Mark, the database designer, donated all initial equipment, set it up, and maintained the database that was used to hold clients records. He was dedicated to the project from the beginning until 2000. At that time, we hired Jurrens Co. to merge the database and update it using Sequel Server.

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