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The Hobo Bus

Hobo Bus

People enter the Hobo Bus for the evening meal. People line up for meals at the Hobo Bus.

Top-In 1986 Pastor Paul's Historic Hobo Bus-The infamous Hobo Bus is a 'Cafe on Wheels'. In 1986 the 7th Street North viaduct bridge where downtown Minneapolis's Target Center is located today, was the destination for the infamous Hobo Bus. Hundreds were served weekly seven nights a week from 5pm-6:30pm nightly.

Above-Pastor Paul's Historic Hobo Bus-Close-up of Hobos and StreetPeople getting on the Hobo Bus for their evening meal. Many Hobos, as they liked to be called, who came from all over the US, heard about the Hobo Bus ministry and made it a point to stop and eat. In 1986-89 Pastor Paul's Historic Hobo Bus Delivered Meals called a 'Cafe on Wheels' ahead of it's time before the Food Trucks of today! Hobos and StreetPeople lined up to get on the bus for supper. Every night, 7 nights a week, the bus delivered hot meals, clothing, blankets, and free lunches to more than fifty homeless as seen boarding the bus each night.

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