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Pastor Paul often talked directly to a radio and tape recorder, by faith,that represented the Radio and Tape Ministry during his weekly message to the congregation.


Pastor Paul with Mick Saunders in the dining room on Mission Sunday. Mick produced the Up-Look Broadcast radio on KUXL each week M-F.  Disciples Ministry Church historic sign listing all available programs that includes the Radio Ministry.

Above-Pastor Paul with Mick at Sunday Brunch
Pastor Paul and Mick Saunders break for Mission Sunday Brunch. Mick produced the 'Up-Look Broadcast' Radio Ministry that aired on KUXL-AM 1570-radio station Monday-Friday from 1:30-2:00pm weekdays. The broadcast had one of the largest listening radio audiences in the Twin Cities.

Above-Pastor Paul's Mission Historic Programs and Services Sign
This is a historic sign showing all programs and services. Historic Programs are credited with substantial mission growth and the growth in Grocery Shelf participation. The programs and services include: Disciples Ministry Church Mission, Worship Services; Outreach Services; Hot Meals, Grocery Shelf, Clothing Closet, Bread Bags, Bread Run Street Distribution, Radio Ministry on KUXL AM570. Before closing its door in 2012, Pastor Paul's Mission focused on Grocery Shelf Distribution to a boundary free Minnesota.

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