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Sue Brunelle a longtime church member and volunteer works at the Grocery Shelf while a recipient with children patiently wait.

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Looking out into the dining room from the Grocery Shelf-Looks like 73 grocery orders were serd according to the next number shown.

Top-In 1985 Pastor Paul's Grocery Shelf- where Sue Brunelle, a church member and a longtime volunteer is registering a family for the Grocery Shelf. The office just moved from the Clothing Closet to the Dining Room. Sue is registered many families at the Grocery Shelf in 1985 by volunteering two days a week.

Above-In 1992 Pastor Paul's Grocery Shelf Computer- is a 433DXD IBM with a PS ValuePoint monitor. This is a major computer upgrade. The computer was our server using the same custom database designed in 1986. At this time we had a network of three computers. This is a view from the Grocery Shelf counter. After parents receive groceries their children eagerly wait for lunch to be served in the dining room.

Have you wondered what it's like on the outside looking in? We made it a dignified experience!

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