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Pastor Paul S Arnopoulos is pushing a small flat bed cart with the bottom half of a double cooker filled with hot water at the Voter Registration Picnic.

Employee Match

Ralph a longtime church member and volunteer use the meat saw to cut 10 pound rolls of frozen hamburger into smaller portions for the Grocery Shelf.

Top-In 1988 at Pastor Paul's Historic Voter Registration Picnic- Pastor Paul transports the huge cook pot for the double cooker by flatbed cart for the Hot BBQ sandwiches. He and his staff prepared the BBQ beef for the event that will be ready in no time. Feeding people is his pleasure. He always finds creative ways to provide food to people by meals or groceries.

Above-Pastor Paul's Meat Processing- Ralph, a longtime volunteer, is cutting 10 pound loaves of frozen ground beef with the meat saw. He will cut them in 1 pound pieces that will be packaged by other volunteers. They will be given away in the Grocery Shelf orders. He had training before he does this job in 1987.

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