Historic Preservation

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Historic Mikro Kodesh Synagogue 'Lions of Judah' and 'Jesus Is Lord' on the front of the building signifying the old and the new church.

Historic Preservation

The upper room added upstairs offices where once was seating in the Orthodox synagogue where woman sat.  The dining room with the breakfast buffet ready to go and staff on hand before the doors open.
Above-Upper Offices behind the Parapet of the Historic Mikro Kodesh Synagogue.

 Above-Disciples Ministry Church Historic Grocery Shelf Operation-
The Grocery Shelf included the lower level of the building that was used to process grocery orders, distribute food, repackage food, package grocery bags, and warehouse food. This was the level that was open to the public. This is also where large walk-in coolers store refrigerated foods and walk-in freezers store frozen foods that were distributed daily with the grocery orders making the operation unique. The parking lot played a key role in warehousing food too as it contains semi-trailers both freezer and refrigerated to house food for distribution and short-term storage. The upper level, sanctuary, was used for warehousing pallets of dry goods. This upper area , sanctuary, was used for volunteer projects such as sorting large totes of canned goods and repackaging foods. The top balcony has offices. Shown above is the 'Upper Room', the Pastor's executive office in 1990.

Lower Level Dining Room in 1994 Pastor Paul's Historic Hot Meals Program Closes-
Breakfast Buffet is set-up in the dining room while a volunteer and Duane enjoy their morning break before the doors open. The dining room was renovated in 1985. It was created to be like restuarant dining. Guests were seated by a host and were seated at separate tables. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served to hundreds of men, women and children. The Meals Program is a historic program that closed in 1994.

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